Long-acting bronchodilators and the benefits of the Respimat® inhaler device

Dr Fromer is the Executive Medical Director of Group Practice Forum in Los Angeles (LA), USA and former Assistant Clinical Professor for the Department of Family Medicine at the University of California in LA.

Dr Fromer explains that every patient with asthma has a predisposition to have a broncho-spasm occur – they have hyperactive airways – and it’s this, combined with exposure to a trigger, that causes impairment. He sees SPIRIVA® Respimat®, a long-acting bronchodilator, as a potential treatment option and, as a former asthmatic who required an inhaler, draws attention to the benefits of the Respimat® inhaler device.

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According to Dr Fromer, the Respimat® inhaler device is easier for patients to use than other devices, and is engineered to deliver SPIRIVA® (tiotropium) in the right place and in the right particle size.