Asthma treatment and the role of multidisciplinary care

Interviewed at the 8th IPCRG World Conference, Dr Miguel Rodriguez, a family physician and former IPCRG President, offers his insights into the need for a multidisciplinary approach to asthma treatment and care. He also highlights the value of shared decision-making with asthma patients and empowering patients to be able to more effectively self-manage their asthma symptoms.

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Asthma treatment and patient management

According to Dr Rodriguez it’s important to get the simple things right and to also move away from a paternalistic ‘doctor knows best’ approach to patient management and care. He says “It’s important to change our approach to the patient a little bit and make a shared decision process to let them speak about their disease, what they want, and what they need and then help them to reach their aims.”

Dr Rodriguez also commented that delegates at the Conference agreed that multidisciplinary care was possible and stressed the important role of primary care and nursing staff in particular in improving patient outcomes.