What is the real-life impact of symptomatic asthma on patients?

‘The Underestimated Burden of Asthma’ video (with subtitles) features Professor Eric Bateman from the University of Cape Town Lung Institute talking about some common misconceptions around asthma, as well as patients discussing the impact asthma symptoms have on their daily lives at school, at work and at home.


Asthma facts – a growing unmet need for effective treatments

The video includes moving patient testimonies as well as data showing some 300 million people worldwide suffer from the symptoms of asthma – a number expected to increase substantially by 2025.1

These insights contrast sharply with the idea that ‘good medicines have fixed asthma; that asthma is a thoroughly treatable disease; and is more of a nuisance than a serious disorder.’

With many patients particularly fearful of another asthma exacerbation, Professor Bateman points to recent studies revealing that the societal burden of asthma is equivalent to that of diabetes mellitus. And, as he says: “What makes asthma more significant is that most people develop it in childhood or in adolescence, so it’s a life-long disease.”