Asthma Patient Support Websites

Here you’ll find links to patient assistance, education and information websites managed principally by charitable organisations. In addition to defining asthma and describing the causes of asthma, these sites provide information and assistance for patients about asthma symptoms, asthma tests, asthma treatments and medications, as well as information about the complications of asthma and the known side-effects of asthma treatments. They also provide links to asthma studies and clinical trials.


National Asthma Council Australia 

National Asthma Council Australia is a not-for-profit charity and authoritative centre for asthma knowledge. NACA works with healthcare professionals to support people with asthma and develop treatment guidelines.

Asthma and Respiratory Foundation New Zealand 

The Foundation engages in patient education, asthma research and advocacy. The Foundation is also engaged in nurse training.


European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations’ (EFA) 

EFA is a European patient-led advocacy and action organisation consisting of 41 patient association groups from 25 European countries.

North America

Asthma Canada  

Asthma Canada is the only national organization solely dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of all Canadians affected by asthma. It advances optimal self-management and prevention through evidence-based education and supports, research and advocacy.