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SPIRIVA® Respimat®1

  • Two puffs, once daily
  • 2.5 µg tiotropium per puff (2 puffs comprise one medicinal dose)
SPIRIVA® Respimat® 2.5 µg

SPIRIVA® 18 μg via HandiHaler®2

  • One dose taken once daily
HandiHaler® 18 µg

High doses of tiotropium bromide may lead to anticholinergic signs and symptoms2

  • There were no systemic anticholinergic adverse effects following a single inhaled dose of up to 340 µg tiotropium bromide
  • No relevant adverse effects, beyond dry mouth, were observed following 7-day dosing of up to 170 µg tiotropium bromide
  • In a multiple-dose study in COPD patients with a maximum daily dose of 43 µg tiotropium bromide over 4 weeks no significant undesirable effects have been observed

Acute intoxication by inadvertent oral ingestion of tiotropium bromide capsules is unlikely due to low oral bioavailability.

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