See how SPIRIVA® may improve the quality of life in your patients like Mario.
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Mario prides himself on quality service.

SPIRIVA® in COPD improves his quality of life

SPIRIVA® Respimat® significantly improved quality of life (QoL)*

The proportion of responders (those whose total SGRQ scores fell by ≥4 units from baseline) was significantly higher in the SPIRIVA® Respimat® group than the placebo group (-4.7 vs -1.8 units, respectively)

SPIRIVA® Respimat® significantly improved QoL vs placebo at 48 weeks <sup>1</sup>
Study Design

*The St. George’s Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ) is a recognised indicator of health-related quality of life, measuring impairment on a scale of 0 to 100. Minimal clinically important difference in SGRQ is defined as 4 units.

1. Bateman ED, Tashkin D, Siafakas N, et al. A one-year trial of tiotropium Respimat® plus usual therapy in COPD patients. Respir Med. 2010;104(10):1460-1472.